How to Get Rid of Super Lice


  • Super lice are pesticide-resistant so Nix and Rid will not work.
  • British medical study proves that a safe, cheap home remedy is virtually 100% effective against super lice.
  • Super lice treatment manual offers detailed step by step super lice treatment instructions backed by moneyback guarantee.
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SUPER LICE. The phrase alone is enough make your scalp tingle and itch and send shivers down your spine.  Forget Nix shampoo, Rid shampoo or any of the other pesticidal treatments you can buy in a drugstore — these products are completely ineffective against super lice.

If you find yourself here, it’s likely that conventional pesticidal lice shampoos have already failed you.  This means that you are dealing with super lice. You may be asking yourself, what now?  How on earth are you supposed to get rid of the lice plaguing you and your family if even toxic chemicals don’t work?  Recent news media reports on the super lice phenomenon are discouraging and offer more questions than answers:

Researchers have been warning for years that head lice in the U.S. and around the world are developing immunity to the strong insecticides used in over-the-counter and prescription shampoos. It takes just three to five years for the bugs to adapt to a new product, despite claims to the contrary by the manufacturers.  ‘Super lice’ leave parents scratching their heads, MSNBC

As school starts, health officials and parents are bracing for this year’s bout with what some are calling “super lice.” Some of the bugs have become drug-resistant, and no longer respond to common anti-lice medications.  Officials Warn Against Drug-Resistant ‘Super Lice’ CBS TV

Dealing with an infestation of super lice can leave you feeling like a failure.  When you are unable to get rid of the bugs with conventional pesticidal shampoo treatment you may ask yourself what you did wrong.  Didn’t you follow the instructions to the letter?  Didn’t you comb properly?  You may be tempted to use the shampoo a second or a third time — don’t do it!!! The fact is that shampoos like Nix and Rid simply will not work against resistant super lice.  It’s not your fault.

But there is a solution for super lice:

My name is Catherine MacDonald.  I’m a mom of three and several years ago I discovered that my whole family was suffering from a head lice infestation. I went straight to the drugstore and got several bottles of lice shampoo. We spent a whole day shampooing and combing. The next day, to my disgust and dismay, we still had live lice crawling through our hair. Shampoo again — and again, live lice. I was at my wits’ end!

My husband had it easy — he just shaved his head bald. But my daughters and I were not ready for such a drastic solution (not yet at least!). I called a pediatrician friend in a panic.  I was desperate to find out what I was doing wrong. “Simple,” he told me, “Lice shampoo doesn’t work anymore. The lice are resistant to the poison.”  In other words, we had super lice before the term “super lice” was even invented. Although our pediatrician could identify the problem, he did not have a solution for me.

I was getting frantic because of all the wasted time and money but I couldn’t give up.  We had to get rid of the lice: the kids were missing school and I was using up vacation time at work to stay home and fight my losing lice battle.

It was time to hit the books.  I turned to online medical journals and researched the literature on pesticide-resistant lice until the wee hours of the morning.  Finally, I stumbled across an obscure British clinical trial that seems to prove that a simple and natural home remedy, if followed methodically and correctly, is virtually 100% effective against all lice infestations — even the pesticide-resistant lice we now call super lice.

I was skeptical to say the least. The method recommended by these British researchers is ridiculously simple.  A few household items I already had on hand and an easy 20-minute routine, repeated every few days for a month, was supposed to rid us of the super lice that had me almost at the end of my rope.  But as I absorbed the science behind the treatment method, I realized that it made perfect sense.  Early the next morning I got to work on our hair.

Miraculously, this non-toxic and absolutely safe home lice treatment worked.  By the end of the day I began treatment, none of us had lice in our hair, and within days I was confident that this scientifically-proven home remedy had given me the ability to keep our family lice free, without drugs, without poisons, always.

I saw our pediatrician friend a few weeks later and he asked about the lice. I told him about the British medical study and our success with this non-toxic lice treatment technique and he was thrilled. Later, I wrote out a long, detailed description of the exact process — this was the beginning of the Super Lice Treatment Manual you can download today — and I sent it to him to share with his patients.  Now, I want to share this information with you.


I no longer have to worry about head lice, and neither should you.  When you download the Super Lice Treatment Manual, you will have the information you need to eradicate even super head lice infestations:

  • Your family will be healthy and safe because you are not exposing them to the potentially harmful toxins and poisons in pesticides.
  • Your kids will be happy because it’s easy and painless to get rid of the lice.
  • You will save money instead of wasting it on expensive, useless lice shampoo.
  • You will have more family time because you aren’t wasting hours on treatments that don’t work.
  • You will be helping our environment by preventing toxic chemicals from polluting our waterways.
  • You will be free from lice anxiety because you know that you can detect and eliminate any future lice infestations quickly and safely.


Catherine THANK YOU!! We battled lice for months. They kept coming back and then I found this miracle book. Keep up the good work!!!!     — Lisa M., Kansas

The Super Lice Treatment Manual was the info I needed to get rid of head lice and it was easy. I am never going to use Rid shampoo again! You helped our family so much with this.   — Jennifer, Ohio

Don’t poison your family with pesticides, because this home remedy is what you are looking for. When I bought it I just figured I’d get a refund if it didn’t work. BUT IT WORKS!! Thanks so much Catherine! :o)   — Maria J., Texas


If you are anything like me, you’re going to be skeptical too.  After battling super lice unsuccessfully, it’s natural to lose hope that any treatment method will work!  That’s why I am offering an absolute 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. This manual walks you step by step through the easy treatment technique that provides a safe, cheap and effective way to get rid of super lice forever.  Download the Super Lice Treatment Manual right away, without risk, because I stand behind the report with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Take 60 full days to decide for yourself whether this method will work for you — if not, request a refund at any time during the first 60 days after your purchase and I will cheerfully refund every penny immediately, no questions asked.


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